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We Believe:

Your life will be better with healthy, beautiful teeth.  Providing you with what we call our “Miracles Of Modern Dentistry” we can improve the quality of your life using  the latest in technology. Now there’s no reason to hide your smile, no reason to be self-conscience of a less than attractive appearance caused by discolored, broken, worn, crooked, or missing teeth. We want you to feel so good about yourself, that you will be… All Smiles NOW!

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Our Promise:

The Dental Office of Scott Trettenero, DDS promise to you our patient, is that you will always be treated as if you were the most important person in the world (which indeed you are). We promise to be kind, gentle and caring at all times. We further promise to stay current on the modern miracles of dentistry and to utilize them wherever and whenever they work to your advantage. And lastly, we promise to uphold and defend the highest standards of this profession.
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With teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain crowns and veneers, invisable braces, cosmetic dentistry are virtually unlimited.  Dr. Trettenero also offers tooth colored fillings (no silver-mercury fillings ever used) and reshaping of teeth that make them look great!  Why waste your time and energy worrying about your teeth?   Now is the time to take action!  Call the Dental Office of Scott Trettenero, DDS at 277-7007 to  schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Dr Trettenero.  We look forward to helping you.

Searching the web for Fort Myers Dentists that offer braces? Let us introduce Invisalign

This is orthodontics without tradition braces. No unsightly and uncomfortable brackets and wires. It is all done with computers and invisible mouth aligners. Over a million patients have been treated worldwide.

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