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By Jennifer Booth Reed

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A once messy procedure has evolved to a quick and high-tech experience. 3M Dental Impressions is the latest technology in dentistry.



 Now in Fort Myers Florida: 3M Dental Impressions


The Dental Office of Scott Trettenero, DDS was the first Fort Myers dental office to utilize a new device that allows him to take 3M dental impressions of the teeth instead of using traditional molds that required patients to sit for as long as four minutes with a putty-like material in their mouths. The 3M dental impressions taken are then used to create crowns, bridges, veneers and related restorative products. Once the scan is done and the digital impression is complete, Dr Trettenero will have that important record that he can refer to for years to come.


The device, manufactured by 3M ESPE of St. Paul, Minn., is called the 3M True Definition Scanner. Trettenero says he expects it’ll revolutionize his field.  The device features a wand-shaped scanner. On the dime-sized tip are 22 miniature lenses that capture a 3-D video with millions of bits of information about the patient’s teeth, bite and jaw. The images are flashed immediately to a chairside monitor so dentists can make sure they have captured perfect 3M dental impressions. The images then are shot to a lab where technicians use the computer images to build a prototype, layer by layer, of the patient’s teeth.


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Dr. Trettenero would like nothing better than to boast about his amazing technologies.

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